Steven Charles

Introducing Steven Charles

Hello to all,
My name is Steven J.Charles Doc#438364 and I’m currently housed at Rayburn Correctional facility in Angie,Louisiana70426. I’m doing a 20 year sentence on an alledged Aggravated flight from Officer charge in which no one was hurt or injured in this alledged Aggravated flight charge.I’m a 4th offense felon as of now due to this alledged Aggravted flight from officer charge.My prior convictions or drugs offenses and my Judge which was my District Attorney in my priors convicted me and gave me the 20 year sentence that I’m now serving.I feel like he had some kind of vendetta against me due to him giving me 20 year as a 4th offender for an Aggravated flight charge that carried 0-2 years at the time of my conviction.I feel like I was railroaded due to me not being able to afford a private Attorney in which I truly feel would’ve clearly beating this charge or would’ve gotten it dropped to a flight from officer which is a misdemeanor which carries 0-6 months.I should’ve been charged with a misdemeanor from the start of all of this,but our justice system in Louisiana is crooked and something really needs to be done about it.I am looking for help to get my case over turned,so that I can help others that’s going through the same thing I am.I was quadbilled as a 4th offender and given 20 years on a charge that’s probational.That’s not right at all.Feel free to contact me and respond on Jpay or through the mail.Have a Blessed day.

#FREE Steven J.Charles

Steven Charles
DOC #438364


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  1. “some kind of vendetta against me,” ” feel like I was railroaded,” “I should’ve been charged with a misdemeanor,” “our justice system in Louisiana is crooked,” and “That’s not right at all,” are statements people on the outside hear over and over again until they are numb. Nobody listens to this with compassion, and their ears go deaf after the second sentence. Rather than complain about how unfair life is, share something with us we don’t already know.

    Life isn’t fair. We all know that. Here’s a bit of mine. If you’re not interested, hang this up and go lie down.

    In my early twenties, I was a model. A doctor misprescribed Prozac and literally stole my life. I’d been attending law school and was at the top of my class. Amnesia stole it away. I became an exotic dancer to support myself. I studied my ass off, every day, relearning everything over and over again, frustrated. So angry, I tried to kill myself a couple of times and even failed at that.

    About six years later, with one and a half kids, single, I was crossing an intersection at 7 mos pregnant when someone ran a red light on his cell phone and hammered my car into a pole. I wound up crippled. Unable to sit or stand for more than 15 minutes, I was lucky my daughter was born healthy and my son wasn’t in the car. We wound up homeless twice while waiting for the courts to tell me I should either pack cigarettes or candle eggs for a living with 3/4 of a law degree. Social security told me that regardless of x-rays and 7 specialists declaring me incapable, that wasn’t good enough.

    Instead, I took up homeschool over the net where I could sit and stand for 15 minutes at a time. I had no insurance, endured 2 herniated disks and a ruptured disk while caring for two kids on my own without medication and living off of welfare. AND I still did my school work, graduating with a 3.7, seven awards, the Advanced Achievement Award, and president of a club for two years. Do you know why? I’ll tell you.

    Nobody cares about life’s hardships and the bad hand you’ve been dealt anymore than you care about the story I just relayed to you. Why? Because your story doesn’t impact people. You’re trying to relate anger and frustration to the audience, but they sense resentment. My story probably had an identical impact on you — none.

    If you’re going to write how you feel, save it for a private journal. If you’re going to write in hopes of holding someone’s interest, you need to write something THEY are interested in reading. If you’re still reading this, “good for you.” There is no such thing as a free ride, whether you deserve it or not. It’s just not there. Go earn it. If you’ve quit reading, perhaps my words will land in the hands of someone else who will find my words useful. Who knows, maybe someday you will too. Stay strong, make goals, not excuses!


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