Tyreis Friend

High Fashion, by Tyreis Friend

When the time comes for the morning to rest, my inner self comes to life. Ready to play mimicking the day with its beautiful bright clothing. Buttoned down in upper frowns with jubilant cufflinks. Tailored made ways embedded in its genes, but so far from being hand-me-downs. Laced up in the perfect personality. Humorous in every shoe that fits. Stepping in a path of unforbearing laughs. Chuckling when buckling in. Tickled by the feather of a high yellow fedora that bores a wide smile around the brim. Trimmed in subtle happiness. Covering the nappiness of its inexpensive hair-dues that eventually become paid off by a razor sharp lineup. Sported by an all-star worthy of a flood watch and splashes of camera flashes with flabbergasted gasps from a fan base that can’t stand nor wait for the arrival of this guy’s glow. All of which takes place inside his mind’s Home.

You ever wonder where’s the mind’s home? Well, it’s the heart of course. There’s an adage that quotes, “If you don’t follow your heart you’re sure to lose your mind.” I surely agree. Which is why it’s essential to let that joy that resides inside you shine upon this world. As I’d like to say, “Wear it out til you wear it out.” In which it should be nearly impossible to do seeing that there’s an unlimited supply in our ever beating hearts. Also dubbed “The Seat of The Soul.” So, through our sense of humor, empathy and ability to brighten up the mood in a room full of gloom, we should always be quick to dress ourselves in this extravagant attire on a daily basis. Celebrating the gift of life no matter the location you are so stationed. As long as you’re aware, you’re ALIVE!

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975


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  1. Lovely! My favorite line of your piece is, “Trimmed in subtle happiness.” And I also love the way you end it by stating that where you are stationed shouldn’t have an impact on your thoughts of gratitude as much as your state of mind. You are absolutely right. Thank you for sharing! Peace.


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