Tyreis Friend

Good Morning, by Tyreis Friend

I bless the day whenever I say, “Good morning.” My eyes rise and shine in reflection to the Sun’s setting. Adjusting to the elements to elevate the state that I’m embedded in for the betterment of a better way. I meditate to levitate away from the nonsense. Elated when I enter into the many places that I’m sent. I vent for relaxation purposes only. Slowly seguing to another phase of calm. My palms tell tales of truth that lies right outside the lines thereof. My Love is in arms reach at all times ’cause the place within my heart is where it normally resides. And its power is perpetual. Massively exceptional. Professing how it feels in the ways of a professional. I am strongly attached to its only attraction and at this present moment, I ain’t letting go. My embrace is enlaced with every bit of its taste. On pace to excel to a level of excellence as if this, aria of peace will never cease. I am caught up in its melody and fueled by its cadence until “remarkable” becomes my only valuable statement. Then comes manana.

Be good to the day and it’ll be good to you.

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975

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