Eric Hendon

by Eric Hendon

I’ve been incarsarated for now going on 4 yrs unfortunately trapped in this world of pain for the duration of my life.never thought I’d ever have to endure a journey like this.I often find myself sifting through a countless sea of memories as a means of remembering what it was once like to actually live.sitting in this environment simply existing is not an oppition @ to do so would resemble a form of death to me.although my life has been drastically altered.I refuse to allow my present circumstances to define my legacy .its inevitable that of course one day my physical will eventually burn out,but the impact that I’m determined to contribute to this world form here on out as of this point shall @ will remain that’s why I’ve decided to start utilizing different avenues such as this blogging site @ write a to allow my voice to be heard beyond these gates.I’m curious to actually
see how many people digest some of the things I say.

contact info.

eric hendon #A683128
le.c.I 56
Lebanon oh 45036

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  1. Something I’ve learned, although it may not mean much to you, is that the spirit, mind, and soul can never be tamed. No one has the authority even as your body is trapped. The one way you are allowed to “escape” is by allowing your words to exit your fingers into the keypad and onto the web. Eyes everywhere will read what you’ve written. A few may respond, many will see, and several of them will mentally digest your thoughts. While doing so, you’re literally educating others whether you realize it or not.

    Thank you for sharing your insightful knowledge for others to read.


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