Travis Tucker

Beware of false knowledge: It is more dangerous than ignorance!!! (Radiants) by Travis Tucker (Alpha Omega)

Dear listeners,
My faith and everything I once believed has died a violent death! Even my perception of life and very own thoughts has been remouled with a new concept on what is life?
How I see life, I used the word how I see life to denote that my prior knowledge and understanding of things wasn’t mines.
Everything I knew was taught. The truth can’t be taught, it was learned. If I was to reciprocate everything I was taught, it would make me a fool for the mere fact that I can’t prove it. The truth is faithfulness because it destroys the desire to believe. Is it wise to know or believe? I essentially had to have surgery on my mind to propel myself, challenge myself to be a free thinker and be devoted to truth over all!! It sets me free , free from traditions, myths, religions, gangs, western philosophy. I pulled the pins out of the back of my head and started the process of rejecting the poison that my conscious and unconscious enslavers was injecting into my brain so that I may see things much clearer by researching every and anything I ever accepted on blind faith.

By adhering to the process I removed the veil from my eyes using logic and reason which is applied mathematics being the universal language of all nations as my foundation. It must be understood this process wasn’t just for self gratification because I’m still a slave physically by definition, moreover, I have a duty / devotion to my people as a whole, my children to start the mental resurrection and stimulate life by way of light / truth.

This is also my form of rebellion which is how I defy oppression …

Dear friend,
I was told as a child many mysterious things that could be very well be said to be cool lies. The problem is these cool lies end as our celebrated truth. I seen men die to produce tennis shoes for the sons for Christmas. The root word is Christ. Which not only in church has been sold like drugs, but the Christmas
holiday which you would expect to be a holy day is the most taxing day of the year and when the most crimes are committed in my community.

This day is when the most narcotics and alcohol is consumed, destroying our minds and bodies binding us back to what supposed to gave us salvation in slavery while being a reminder of how it destroyed us then and now took what was once beautiful about Jesus and distorted his teachings to make slaves out of the dumb, deaf, and blind, and get rich off of our labor.

I have shot at and robbed my brothers to put gifts under the tree. Often times toys, jewelry, and never thought about sending a card until in prison, and to see how powerful and sentimental and real something that small was erupted a wave of emotions triggering thoughts of what it really felt like to be robbed. Only difference is this time I was the victim, but I was robbed out of so much more. I was robbed out of my identity, tongue cut out, I no longer speak my native language, my culture and reduced to a blind fool who accepted slavery. I was told of a white Santa Claus who now resembles the IRS. I guess he really does exist. I was told of a tooth fairy who gives me a quarter for every tooth I donate. He seems to be the B.O.P. administrators who sell our body parts online and abroad after you die in the system. I was told to believe in a god that exists and is all powerful, all knowing, all good, and created all that is seen and heard, and that I can pray to. i.e. depend on him in time of crisis and he may not come when I call, but he will answer when I need him …
First of all, I have all of the respect in the world for how one chooses to live their life, their culture, their religion. My sentiments reflect my truth from my trials and tribulations. I too believe in a god who I know and understand man, woman, and child to be an embodiment of that supreme force and that while the energies that radiate inside of us, outside of us, even in this physical vessel we occupy is only through which our will, mind is made manifest showing the true beauty of god. gomar oz dabar (wisdom strength & beauty) the original Hebrew word for god. Not to be hidden beyond our understanding but right here in the flesh. It’s an old saying “you want to hide something from a nigga, put it in a book.”
The most read book in our history is the Holy Bible for which through the years has been made unholy through mixing, diluting, and tampering with the original teachings.

Hosea 4:6
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge
Psalm 82:6
John 10:34
they say you knew better
you do better
and I say you learned better
you earn better.

So it is the European man who posses as Almighty god in our communities. It is him we depend on for work, to eat, politics, to get out of jail. He basically, has formulated our heaven and hell!! The dollar bill’s ” in god we trust,” is in accord with that which he rules with the almight dollars and the nature of that gold which is the pinnacle of Africa. Get it? He stole your birthright, your true wealth is your wealth. Liberation starts with freedom of the mind. It’s an old Afrikan proverb that says, ” he who feeds you, controls your diet, and he who builds your home controls your strengths and weaknesses!” My time is now end! Words from Nas (just some thoughts from the mind, I take a glimpse into time, watch the blimp, read the world is mines) Love! peace! and harmony! to man, woman, and child.

Travis Tucker #1091722
Nottoway Correctional Center
Burkeville, Va. 23922
P.O. Box 488

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