What a man! by: Melvin Robertson

I just had a visit yesterday. My second oldest sister and my brother-in-law blessed me with their presence. I had a great time, but what I want to expound on is their 30+ year marriage and this man’s love, dedication and devotion for her. A ghetto Romeo and Juliet sort of speak only with the will to live. You see, my sister has been sick for quite a few years now. It takes all of her energy just to get through the day. Through several hospital stays that last for many days at a time he is right there by her side day and night. She has to get indignant with him just for him to leave her side for a couple hours to go home to handle personal needs. He’s never far from her side period and always on guard to aid her in comfort. Even seeing him in action during visitation it’s like instinctive for him to cater to her every whim without her even having to ask. If she flitches he naturally scans and assess her movements and acts to accommodate her in an instant. She is just as considerate and kind to him, but I’ve never seen a man operate as he does for the woman he shares his life with. I literally watched two people operate as one with so much love, compassion and tenderness. My sister is an extremely happy woman. If evolution ever made a statement about 2 people sharing their lives together as one it would only assert their names. I witnessed the very reason my sister is alive today. I found myself wishing my mother and other sisters had met a man like my brother-in-law. I even found myself wishing I could be the kind of man he is to a woman I may fancy one day, cause What A Man he is! Thanks Bruh and when I meet that special someone I have a brain full of notes. I’ll be able to honestly say, “I learned from the best.”

Its so much more i could speak on, but If you know a man similar in nature take the time to commend him because men like them are a rarity. It also wouldn’t hurt to take notes, so others can take notice and exclaim, “What A Man!”

Melvin Robertson
DOC #582196

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  1. It’s great to have good examples of healthy, loving relationships. There are a few couples in my church that I’ve looked up to for years who are like this. Bless your family, and you.


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