Melvin Shaw Jr.


many people that are locked up have many things that they want to do in life. but the hardest part is finding someone to believe in what you want to do. its takes a person who is in power to make our dreams come true. most African American people don’t know where to look to find a person willing to give us a opportunity. most us were taught the wrong way. also we are stuck in a comfort zone in our life nowadays. I came to conclusions that all it really take is courage and being willing to step outside of your comfort zone in begin to socialize with everybody. because you will never no who may do what for you. but to go back to us prisoners me myself I have a open mind to communicating learning new things at all hours. I also have many new ideas that pop up in my mind every single day. but when you are serving a life sentence like me, my resources are limited. when I tell my friends and family my ideas that will say all that sounds good but we don’t know anyone who could help you or they will say we don’t have the funds to help out, so I be left feeling devastated because of how my people don’t see the bigger picture of what I am trying to do. I know its many more people in prison going through the same thing. I wish we had more people in Ohio who could give a chance/opportunity to start what we dream to do. we can All help each other win and life. I want to become wealthy and give back to my community and the poor. understand not everyone in jail is a bad guy most of us just made foolish decisions in life. usually because of our peers or neighborhood we were raised in. if people of power would start coming to schools and prisons to give speeches people will listen and learn. it all goes back to stepping outside of the comfort zone even the rich build a wall around them where they only speak to more rich people. you have to see the bigger picture if you were to go to prisons and schools. you could help someone help you get even richer but at the same time you are teaching a person become like you. I really wish that I could see the comments on inmate blogger but unfortunately I can not see what ppl say do to lack of resources. all I hope for is that people will add me on or write me at p.o box 56 Lebanon Ohio 45036 to give me feed back. I am a changed man looking for a way out of jail so I can become a wealthy person. willing to spread my word to others striving to succeed in life. so I would ask if you are a person in position to change a person live and make them become a better person please give them words of encouragement.

Melvin Shaw
DOC #624671

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