Eddie Smith


I’ve continued to stress that, the treatment of inmates here in the alaebanon Corruptional Institution is immorally and profoundly unjust. The Director Gary C. Mohr has implemented the intricatte Ohio Plan called ”Control and Hope” which does not allow any of us real hope or rehabilitation nor freedom, justice or equality its now as its always been slavery, suffering and death. Leci is a warehouse for gangs and is dominated by gangs which operate at a high level of frequant violence along with the corrupt racist officers who’s use od force goes beyond excessive. D.R.C. does not want to acknowledge or even talk about the punishment and unjust treatment of disfavored people inside this prison. ”ALL PRISONNERS SHALL BE TREATED WITH RESPECT DUE TO THEIR INHERENT DIGNITY AND VALUE AS HUMAN BEINGS.NO PRRISONER SHALL BE SUBJECTED TOO, AND ALL PRISSONERS SHALL BE PROTECTED FROOM, TORTURE, AND OTHER CRUEL, INHUMANE OR DEGRADING TREATMENT OR PUNISHMENT FOR WHICH NI CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER MAY BE INVOKED AS A JUSTIFICATION” The way in which the powers that be manage to refute even to themselves, that extraordinary atrocities such as Racial Discrimination, Milicious Staff Misconduct, Intentional Staff Neglect, Harassment, Sexual Assautl and many other forms of human suffering has accurred or are accurring. Control and Hope is a HUMAN RIGHTS NIGHTMARE and a MAJOR CRISIS.

(Blog: Part 2)
In the reflection of the Wardens derelition of duty, the racial injustice trickles down and reeks through the administration. The routinized force and blatant discrimination only traumatizes inmates who are sincerely and genuinely trying to better themselves and break the cycle of recidivism. Everything this administration does under the intriguing complexity called ”Control and Hope” is a cover up or constructed with lies. its irresponsible and mean. I report this mistreatment of myself and others who suffer at the hands of the racist corrupt correctional staff and, how we are being subjected to humiliation and degrading punishment that scar us with mental and emotional anguish. The majority are affraid to stand up, report the abuse or even be a witness for one that has been a victum of such abusive treatment which we watch take palce everyday. The downtrodden masses fear the rettaliation, which is why so many assaults go un-reported and, even the one’s that are reported never receive any CORRECTIVE ACTION or the evidence comes up missing. The Informal Complaint process is a brick wall and is ran by the Institutional Inspectior who is also in close ties with the racist officers she should be correcting, she’s equally corrupt alongside them. Even as we attempt to go arround and file a Direct Grievance to the Chief Inspector in Central Office, they’ll drag it out for close to 60 days and respond saying ”you have to proof of your alagations”. That then allows officer’s to retaliate cause then they find out that you have written them up for misconduct which is a chance you will recant if they send the HIT SQUAD at you, so I quote. INFORMATION TO AND COMPLAINTS BY PRISONERS-”Every prisoner shall be allowed to make a request or complaint regarding his or her treatment, without censorship as to substance, to the Central prison administration and to the judicial or other competent authorities, including those vestted with reviewing or remedial power. Every requuest or complaint shall be promptly dealt with and replied to without delay. A prisoner must not be exposed to any risk of retaliation, intimidation, or other negative consequences as a result of having submitted a request or complaint. Alagations of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment of prisoners shall be dealt with ommediately and shall result in a prompt and immpartial investigation conducted by an independant authority.”

DOC #311-199

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