Lugene Scott


FIRST and FOREMOST,AS-SALAMU-ALAIKUM-peace be upon you! My Name is Lugene l Scott, AND MY STREET NAME IS GENO,and i am a convert to islam,and I am from E.93 IN RENO in CLEVELAND OHIO. I am 33 year’s of age.I have been in prison for 11 years now,since 7-20-07 to 2028,and I have 11 more year’s to serve on my sentence for felonious assault, and voluntary manslaughter.since I have been in prison,I have changed my way of thinking for the better,and I have earned my G.E.D 2013.!!! WHICH WAS A BLESSING FROM ALLAH,BECAUSE I WAS ABLE TO MAKE MY MOTHER PROUD OF ME,HER BABY BOY before she would pass away. my G.E.D graduation 10-28-2013,was the last time i saw my mother mother died of natural causes of heart failure 9-19-16, 8 years into my 22 year sentence. I am in prison for sacrificing myself to protect a woman I thought was my friend from getting beat on by her coward baby father. I was loyal to her, and she left me for dead at my worst! the woman who I protected,have not showed me she care,or appreciated me or my loyalty. I WENT TO PRISON A BOY,AND SINCE I HAVE BEEN IN HERE FOR THE LAST ELEVEN YEARS I HAVE GROWN INTO A MAN,AND I AM DOING EVERYTHING I CAN TO MAKE SURE I DON’T RETURN TO PRISON.I HAVE MY G.E.D,AND I AM CURRENTLY IN VOCATIONAL CULINARY ART’S LEARNING HOW TO RUN AND OWN MY own RESTAURANT. IM TRYING TO LIVE A LIFE WORTH LIVING. if you would like to communicate with me you can write me,here is my contact information:(LUGENE L SCOTT#534633 L.E.C.I po box 56 Lebanon, Ohio 45036.)OR EMAIL ME ON JPAY.COM IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A CONVERSATION. WA-LAIKUM-AS-SALAM,peace be unto you!GENO.

DOC #534633

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