Frederick E. Johnson

Prison life….. by Frederick E. Johnson

I was arrested on or about the date of Jan 7th,1981. I myself alone with two other females was arrested for aggregated murder.I myself took my case to trial,and was sentence to life which was fifteen full years under the old laws.however,the two females pleaded guilty to murder and was sentence to fifteen years to life.I’ve served already thirty seven years of that time.I have been to the parole board. the first time I went was in 1993,to the review board for a possible release,I was ontenued to see the board in 1997.however,I got into a fight with a correctional officer who was in great debts with other inmates,and I was charged with another case and given a added sentence of twelve years to fifteen years actual.I seen the parole board for the second time after serving twenty years full,and the parole board gave me three more years.I went back to the parole board after doing the three years,and I was given two more years.I was told by the parole board to come back to see them with no conduct reports for breaking the prion rules and I would be given a parole that would show that I can be supervised and ready for society.well I returned to the parole board with one conduct report in which I was clear of being guilty of but, cause the rule was held against me,the parole board gave me three more years and told me again to return to them without a conduct and I would be released but,I told the board members its no way I could do three years without a conduct so I can never be released.anyway I did the three years with a conduct and I was given three more years.I have two female codefendents,one got released her first time to the parole board,and the second one got released after her second time to the he did nine years and six months and was released and,the other one done fifteen years at the most,I’m still here receiving years after years.there’s such more to this story,if you would like to hear more I’m here to tell more.hank you for your time and attention. sincerely

Frederick E.Johnson #A162-761
p.o. box 120
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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