Davin Wallace

“Our Storms” by Davin Wallace

Before it seem like Im trying to make it about “me” growing up in low income drug & crime infested housing & “correctional” facilities, I would like to first assure you I’m only 1 out of millions that has, still do & will continue to face the tremendous odds of becoming part of the normal statics such as murdered, drug addict or convict when coming from such areas. I’m not addressing this subject to vent, although I feel this is a great way to do so, but my intentions is to bring awareness to many who are sleeping or who has slept through the storms that’s not just effecting the “projects” but also the precious, quiet innocent counties & suburbs. If you are one of those who feel this not an issue for you, It’s an bitter sweet moment for me as I bring to your attention that it’s more of a problem or it will be for you more than you think. Now days it’s a lot of young guys doing serious time & young women w/drug habits that’s from some areas that was known for farming, hunting, or the rich or well off people. While you are turning your head on “not your storms” your children is either entering “our storms” or “our storms” is just getting closer to your home. Gangs, drugs, murder, robbery etc is now beyond city & project limits. Today I ministered to a young friend of mine that happens to be gang affiliated who also happen to be from the county of Chesterfield, VA.. After talking for a while I learned he was raised in a great household & finished highschool but what I noticed most was the pain from the thought his life was over, which is the majority of attitudes in here. We may have come from different backgrounds but as of now we’re riding in the same boat. So you know, this is his first offense, unfortunately a life was taken and that can never be overlooked. So now at the age of 21 he is set to do the next 40 to 50 years in prison. I’m not attacking the justice system just yet, but this time we got to look within. This is an example of loving parents who raised their child the best they believe they could, but because they was ignorant toward the problems outside their own fence they found out “our storms” is also theirs. I’m not coming down on those who are fortunate enough to give their family a comfortable life, but the reality is that some things are inescapable, & although the problems that lurk around the corner may never be totally eliminated until Christ return, still we as people have to give a joint unselfish effort to prepare ourselves & others for the storms. Our communities is only as strong as the people in them & it’s unexpected who come & go.
Prison is a results we should desire to keep our love ones from experiencing. Now it’s necessary for me to assure those from the “projects” & those from the counties & suburbs we need each others help & I humbly plead for it. I hate to see that suburban youngin throw away that good life his or her parents gave just as much as I hate to see another person make the same mistake of not climbing out the gutter but digging their own ditch as I done. I pray I will never address a problem without a solution or without the humility to receive one. I’m not eliminating no one from helping curb the spoken about issues, but as a Christian I call on my brothers & sisters to step out the churches for a moment to put in that Christlike footwork ministering love by our actions, giving to the needy, talking with the young, creating & starting programs for those in the “projects” & on the outside of them, educating those who are uneducated about certain things etc. And for those who from Afton Ave that I grew up with or raised that I’ll always love, I also ask you to ride with me on this like I was willing to ride for that A. Far as inside the prison, rehabilitation is only for those with the motivation to begin that process themselves. I have been doing time since “91” as a kid & living in the projects with an crack addict mother early as 10yrs old, & from then to now we never received help other than by the means of doing prison time. I say that to point out that we got to help ourselves by helping one another. My mother is still a crack addict & I pray my helping others will come around to helping her. Her storm is my storm & although she don’t show it I know my storm is hers, like many others sharing storms in here or & out there.

Davin Wallace
DOC # 1101851

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