My Queen by Shawn Diaz

When God created woman,she was formed from the rib of man.I myself interpreted that to mean she is apart of me mentally,spiritually, and physically. I remember at a young age watching my mother get physically abused to the point I still to this day have nightmares. Though I vowed to NEVER!!! stand by or react to that same habit of physically abusing women.I’ve learned to treat a woman as I’ve wanted to be treated though I know that all women are’nt compatible with whom we’re matched with.I can honest admit that I’m a momma’s boy so I definitely can do the domestic duty thing like iron,cook,clean,sew,or whatever I can do to help my Queen. Why do I say queen? because I as a man first and foremost cherish the ground a woman walks on starting with my mother who is the center of my world.I’ve tried to be the best example of the man my mother raised me to be,but coming across women who don’t know a good man before it’s too late causes discouragement in wanting to find the right person to call My Queen.It’s funny when I sit here in this cell I reminisce on some of the relationships I had with some being good friends to me today.I can type that I want the fairy tale white picked fence love story but reality is I only want a BEST FRIEND!!!!! that one day I could call My Queen.
THE END…………….

DOC #473104

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