Melvin Robertson

Melvin’s Story! by: Melvin Robertson

I’m writing this to clear the air sort of speak. When you’re done reading my story coming straight from me then you will have all the facts to understand me rather than analyze me for something I’m not. A couple of people, with really good vibes about them, contacted me directly concerning my blog post. I was looking forward to corresponding with them.Then they just disappeared. Undoubtedly, I’m sure they viewed that I was convicted of Rape and listed as a Sexual Predator. That is enough to scare anyone away I’m sure. Only because people fear what they don’t understand. Just keep in mind I have no reason to lie to you and anything I relay I can back it up with authentic records, unlike the prosecution that concocted several lies and slandered my name to gain this wrongful conviction. When I’m done with my story you will know the difference between a real rape and a fake rape! The truly guilty and the truly innocent! Before I begin I just want to add… I’m doing this blog because I genuinely love to write. I’ve written several books and I’m the published author of three novels. One being a best seller and the other two pulled prematurely as a result of contract issues. (Double Dose, Double Doss:Special Edition, and Suburban Secrets). I’ve been contacted to option my film rights and other rights. My career, just like my freedom, has been placed on hold until I can oveturn my conviction. Something I’m working toward daily. At any rate, I enjoy writing fiction novels that exposes the games people play and allowing my imagination to run with it. I enjoy creating literary works of all types and once we get passed What I’m in prison for as opposed to Why I’m in prison then just maybe we can appreciate one another as a person with a common interest. If not that then possibly for our talents alone which is still a plus.

I was 15 years old when I got a young lady pregnant who was also the same age as I. Her father was a Muslim with strong religious beliefs and kicked her and my unborn child onto the streets. Said he would not be a part of a bastard child. I quit school, got a job and began the task of preparing to be a young father. With my job and her getting government assistance we were able to maintain a nice little apartment. Real quick…. imagine a15 year old YOU know of right now. Now imagine them actually starting out as I had too? When the company I worked for lost their contract with the drug stores, I lost my job. The streets, I felt was the only other option, and like so many other young men I became a victim of the streets. A product of my environment.

I was a kid, forced to grow up really fast, but still a kid nonetheless trying my best to make adult decisions. I am not by any means attempting to justify, rationalize or make excuses about my decisions in life. I merely want you to understand the true set of circumstances I was faced with in my young life of struggles. By the time I turned 19 I had been through so much in life and had a total of 3 children. My first time in trouble resulted from me being a boy allowing my emotions to control me. The mother of my three children, someone I never turned my back on as many teenage fathers have done, someone I lived with for 4 years and loved dearly did the unthinkable in MY eyes. She cheated. I don’t want to open that wound completely with details, because her and I have gotten passed that. I will say its not that she cheated, but rather WHO she cheated with. It crushed me and I wanted to crush her. Sadly, my emotions got the best of me and I did assault her. Something I think about til this day. Something I regret. Not because I eventually landed in prison, but because Its just not right to resort to violence and hurt people period.

I made her leave and I kept my children. About a week later the police and a social worker shows up to claim my children. Their mother went to the police in order to get the kids back. The story she told them was completely different then the one the Prosecution took to a Grand Jury. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was them that spinned the story to make it seem like I was a monster. They arrested me and eventually I took a plea bargain. I was sentenced to a minimum of 4 years and a maximum of 15. The Judge suspended my sentence after 10 months of being in prison and freed me on probation. He personally told me my life since a very young age was more about poor decision making rather than being a bad seed. After almost 4 months of blessed freedom I violated my probation, because I failed to go see my probation officer. I went before a new judge. The old one moved on to a higher court. For a probation violation that judge sent me back to prison for 14 more years. That’s all, that’s it! However, the prosecution in this present case will have you to believe otherwise as they so blatantly put out in the media. Smoke and Mirrors, but if you look at my journal entries under that case number you will discover all that I say is fact.

Essentially, I grew up in prison. My transition from boy to man transpired behind bars. It was rough. I made mistakes and got into trouble. I remembered being 15 years old deciding to stand by the mother of my unborn child and own up to my responsibilities. And then thinking the best of intentions somehow lead me to this. The prosecution then tried to focus on one incident that occurred while in prison where another guy and I went to collect money that was owed from a guy who hadn’t paid up. Those two ended up fighting. The ower got hurt pretty bad. The guy was no match for neither one of us one on one so it was no need to jump him. This guy went to the administration later that day and said we sexually assaulted him and extorted him. Those types of cries for help can get the complainer sent to a better faciliy. A trick many have used especially after being labled a snitch or in their attempt to get free of debts etc…

The guy eventually told the administration later the truth, but the damage had been done. I say that because years later it gave this prosecution ammunition to say, “He was a deviant in prison.” Smoke and Mirrors! They won’t tell you that I achieved my GED, went to college, successfully completed over 20 major programs, secured and negotiated a publishing contract with one of the premier publishing houses at the time and didn’t catch one serious write up in my last 8 years of incarceration. This is what our judicial system is about. Dig for as much dirt as you possibly can, if there’s no dirt then lie like never before. Either way they’re going to try an bury you with it.

I walked out of prison at 34 years of age. Life was lovely to say the least. Then one evening I met a young lady. You couldnt tell me or anyone she wasn’t of age. Her look verified it even though it never came up. When it did finally come up she wasn’t exactly truthful about it and when I learned she was 16 we had already been seeing each other on and off for a few months. I walked away from her heartbroken only to learn not long after she was carrying our child. I can’t begin to explain how torn my soul was, but something inside me knew I had to step up. It was like my life was on repeat when she called me saying her and her Aunt had a huge fight and kicked her out. It was only one thing for me to do. Now u see what the Judge meant by my poor decision making. Honestly speaking, before the dark came to light, we had fun and I had developed feelings for her.

Fast forward, BM (Baby’s Mom who was now six months pregnant) was bisexual long before I met her. She met a young lady online. Out of courtesy and respect for her privacy I’ll refer to her as SS. SS contacted BM. SS was bi-curious and they chatted back and forth for some time. I had an opportunity to view SS Myspace profile and spoke to her over the phone. After about a month BM asked SS if she could stay the night at her home. SS stated it would be best if she could stay the night at our home. On the night BM and I picked SS up we drove back to our home. I dropped them off and left to go hang out with a couple buddies. A while later I returned home where BM and SS met me out front to drive down to Gyro George to get something to eat. Upon returning we ate, chatted, listened to music, took pics and I retired to the bedroom. The next morning I got up and left the house to run some errands. I had been out of prison almost 2 years and purchased my first home. I was doing cosmetic work in preparation of moving in the following weekend. Before I could make it BM called and asked me to cook breakfast for them as I said I would then she wanted to go with me to the new house. I got back home where BM and SS were in the front room engaged in conversation. I made some coffee and started fooling around with my camera making videos and taking pics. These videos show all of us in an element of comfort. SS is specifically captured laughing, joking and singing to me on these videos. I eventually cooked, we ate and around noon we drove SS back home, dropped her off and went about our way. Not even a half hour passed and SS began texting with us talking about the great time she had etc. For nearly 4 days SS continued to remain in contact with us and even made plans to stay another night that upcoming Tuesday. That Monday night allegations of rape began to fly.

Keep in mind that I still have appeal options and if it appears I’ve jumped ahead its because of that fact. I was charged with one count of rape and kidnap. I was offered 3-5 years. When I refused we proceeded to the first trial. SS and the prosecution came up with this… I used BM to lure SS to our home. SS claimed that she never knew anything about me and was told by BM that she lived with her mother. The problem with that is my attorney subpoenaed Myspace emails and phone texting records (yes, every text message anyone does is computed and stored). This evidence showed that SS was the one who contacted BM, showed conversations of those two specifically discussing BM and I living together, SS complimenting me and actually visiting my MySpace page prior to coming over. SS untruths were exposed in their tracks. She claimed during the wee hours of the morning the night she stayed over I came into the front room where she was laying on the couch and took her phone out her hand, tore her bra and panties off, raped her, left for a few minutes, came back, raped her again, gave her her phone back, told her to shower before I went back to my bedroom in the back of the house where I went to sleep for the night leaving her out in the front room where she slept. Those same phone records admitted into evidence showed SS texting a guy friend about parties moments after being allegedly raped. No 911 calls, no text asking for help or telling someone to come get her, no attempts to leave, no torn underwear, no anything. And those videos depicting SS laughing, joking and singing 5-6 hours after the alleged rape was her way of acting like she was fine so BM and I wouldn’t hurt her. All those text messages after we dropped her off at home about having a good time, more text and calls up to nearly 4 days after this alleged rape and SS volunteering plans for me to go pick her up the following Tuesday so she can spend another night was SS way of still “acting” like she was fine.

Inconsistencies and blatant untruths plagued SS story, and everything you just read and all the evidence; text records, videos, MySpace emails and pictures were shown to two jury’s. The first trial jury deliberated 9 days before a mistrial was declared… hung jury. The second trial they deliberated for 8 days and found me Not guilty of kidnap, but Guilty of rape. You heard me right. Unbelievable!!!!! As I said, I’m in possession of all the evidence I mentioned and its also public record.

I welcome whomever that is interested in seeing the REAL court documents and not the untruths created by the prosecution to cast a dark cloud over my life to mask the true facts every time someone looks at my charges or reads what the media say about me which is nothing more than prosecutor commentary.

Morally I made some questionable decisions but I did not rape SS. She knows it as well. I’m not mad at her, nor have I ever been. I blame myself for the decisions I made that led to this. I’m mature enough to know that bad decisions, no matter how small, can influence huge impacts. Decisions I’ll never repeat again. I’m a better person after this because I’ve grown. Its been nearly 10 years and I pray daily SS find it in her heart to come forward and reveal the truth. She was young when all this came about and no trouble could fall upon her for her honesty. Its never too late for her to reversed this. People come forward all the time to reveal the truth about the wrongfully convicted.

Regardless of my innocence people are going to always frown upon me from a moral standpoint. I respect it. I know I could have made better decisions, but two wrongs doesn’t make a right. For whomever have an interest… now you know the real about those two incidents in my life that’s obviously a factor in determining whether you reach out to me or not. I always say there is nothing better in the world between two people than an understanding. Now when you contact me I’ll know that you have a genuine interest because you will know both sides of the story. Whether you have further inquiries about my case, want to understand the publishing business, questions on how to write books, want to explore my writings, want to know about prison life, or just want to share your story with someone and I’m a good listener please feel free to contact me anytime. I’d like that very much and welcome you no matter who you are.

Lastly, and again, I love to write. For me this is a platform to share my views, talents and my story in hopes of maybe inspiring someone or giving them the benefit of learning from my mistakes. That’ll be cool to say the least:) I’ve also been taking spiritual steps in my attempt to understand my personal relationship with God and the Universe. So say a prayer for me and thank you for taking the time to view my post.

Melvin Robertson
DOC #582196

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