James Kelly

Just For Today By: Difference (Aka: James Kelly)

Just for today I will not worry about my current situation. I will not worry about tomorrow and the situation that has not yet come. I will not worry about yesterday and all the damage I’ve done. I am not God and I can control or change these things. But I can control my attidude and how I respond to life. I can be nice, good and kind to people. I can be positive. I can take this time I have and turn it from a “sentence”, in to a positive, productive, life changing experience. I refuse to concede, I refuse to lose, I refuse to give up. This time I’m spending here will not be in vain. I will be the man the man I was destined to be. So just for today I will be as good as I can to myself, and all especially to others. I will remember I am Not God and that I need just let go, let God. So just for today I will not worry, smile and be happy. I’ll love myself, so I can love others.
Thank you and God bless anyone who reads this. Thank you.
Sincerely James Douglas

James Kelly
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  1. Good for you. You know sometimes we can’t control our attitude. Sometimes even though I was trying just for today to be nice and forgiving sometimes I am unable to be. For me, the respite from my never ending barrage of nonsense I put up on myself I call God or my higher power. But in very practical terms for me it is me taking a moment and being aware of what’s going on with me. Being aware of what’s going on with my body for instance. Am I breathing quickly? Is my brow furled? On my shoulders tense? Am I unable to stay still?

    And in my mind what’s going on in my mind? Is there just a total inability for me to even look or approach what’s going on in my mind? Maybe that’s enough for me to realize what’s going on with me?

    At some point I become responsible. And through practice of the self-awareness I’ve become more able to be that person I want to be rather than constantly being that person that I hate.


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