Travis Tucker

Introducing Travis Tucker

My honorable name is Travis Sental Tucker,My incarceration begin Aug 17,2002.I was sentenced to serve 40 years(2037)in the VDOC For arm robbery and related offense’s for I’m ashamed to admit.I’m from Portsmouth Va,I’m a proud father to 4 kid’s 3 boys and a 1 girl.It was during a segregation stint that I came into the realization that I could move people by writing.I wrote a urban fiction style short story which reflected my experience in the street’s,I let a few comrades read it,and they start hollering [part two]Specifically I love to write Ingeneral,It’s a gift in a curse I’m not a great language mechanic person,but I have a beautiful mind and unique perspective that may be revolutionary in writing…Also I’m 38 year’s old,so I cant wait to get started.I have a build called (radiants)it deals with a revolution of the mind of me and my peoples…Thank you for the opportunity to do what I love to do…Peace!Alpha Omega….I’ll have a picture in order.Nottoway corr center,burkeville va 23922,p.o box 488

Travis Tucker
DOC #1091722

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