Joel Vega

Introducing Joel Vega

My name is Joel Vega, I am a Black Latino born in Miami Florida, My family is from Honduras,My first language is Spanish, but I am very fluent in English.I am 29 years old, no kids, never been married, and love to travel.
My pation is to build the intelec, and become the best men I can be,
I attended college, and still remain taking courses in hope to uptain my bachelors when I get out this situation I put my self in. I received 7years in 2013, For being unfocus and hanging with the wrong crowd. This time has allowed me to write two books, and refocus in what I want in life, And that’s to be successful, If any one, wants to join the build,You can Contact me on or by mail at Lebanon p.o box56 Lebanon Ohio, 45036

Joel Vega
DOC #651-642

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