“To Mother’s of Mothers “,by V-Vasean Wright

I Respect YOU, Mothers,for the courage it takes to get up and keep living when everything in your world falls apart .Few women left alone with three teenagers to raise could face that reality with the steadfast determination you have shown. With wisdom beyond your experience,you refused to control me.You had the courage to let me fail and then to help me face the wages of my own choices.From you I learned that courage and confidence are not the same thing.Courage is a commitment to do what is right even when you have no confidence at all. I saw such courage in my father,but I learned it from you.

I Honor You,Mothersfor the strength it takes to deny your own needs for the sake of those who need you. Strength to be both mom and dad to a hard headed boy who thinks he’a man.Strength to work full-time in the marketplace and yet never let home be a second priority. Every morning of my life I woke up to breakfast before school.Every time I needed you, you were there.You said”no” to me,knowing I would fight you.You challenged me when I was certain to argue, and confronted me when you knew I would defend myself and accuse you of being unfair. From you I learned that strength is usually a silent virtue.Strength quietly sacrifices for the sake of higher good. It never expects honor and seldom receives it.You have shown me what it really means to be strong ,and it has marked my life.

I Praise You,Mothers!You were faithful when many would have given up.You were flexible when many would have refused to grow and change. You were fun even in the midst of some painful times for our family. The quality of my life and the substance of character are largely of your making.The sacrifices you made to invest in me will impact my children and my children’s children.For all that you are and all you have done….
……. I Love You,Mothers!

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VVasean Wright
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