Tyreis Friend

The Research, by Tyreis Friend

Some find me to be a bit intriguing. A leader amongst his peers who appear to be misleading. Believed to be a King disguised as a peasant. Pleasant to be around when you’re found in his presence. The essence of an emperor with the benevolence of a Knight. The beauty of the day when you gaze into his light. A comfort that’s accustomed to everyone aware. A fabric to be cut from that everyone would wear. Some find me to be a lost cause to the whole. A liability to a bitter team that’s always in the hole. A burden that’ll burn you and the bridges that he has. A user and abuser if ever given the chance. Dislikeable, the type to fold when challenges arrive. A lazy being who reigns supreme at failures every time. Unattractive, one who lacks in everything you need to live. Unintelligent, irrelevant to everything there is. I recognize the many sides that I am seen between veils. For if I’m seen to be these things it means that they have yet to find themselves.

It is said that when you forget where you come from you lose a sense of who you are. If that’s true, then duality can’t be the reality of our true selves. Perception + ego =today’s condition. The ultimate separatism. Psychological segregation. Though when you ALLOW yourself to look into someone’s eyes you’ll find one of the most significant things known to man. A mirror. A reflection that can’t be ignored. But we’ve developed a habit of paying more attention to the external side of life. It’s like we’re ashamed at what we see, so we look away in search of something to cover up our impurities. Reminds me of an old story once told… Anyway, even a person who Appears to have it all could easily be blinded to the true visions of self. So, don’t let wealth delude you and confuse you into thinking that having it, for those who don’t, will change the conditions of what we see and how we perceive this world as a WHOLE. And with so much division, we’ll continue to see things different.

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975


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