Melvin Shaw Jr.


who would ever take the time out of there adventurous life to have a seat in remind there self tht isolation could strenghten your mind,bodyand soul, in make you a better person or let’s say a multi millionaire, because you sat isolated in a room with a bunch of dustie old books of all literatures with fulfilling dialogues of old authors from a different generations. or you just meditated on your goals in life Tht you want to accomplish. well prolly many peopl of my great,grandma age because they did not have many things to do in there time because of lack of technology. realize they literally just had cars coming into the making. wow so long ago but its history to know in to take the time out to understand why there way of thinking of was more advanced then ours rite now. well its not hard to point out all of the that makes our generation not foucus on the bigger thing god has given us the ability to think, in elementary that they would be in the state penitentiary. when they become an adult? a logical thing that could happen when you are raise in the battle field of poverty, with the lowest of the lowest around you. we are like a bunch of piranhas in a shallow lake with out any food to eat. what would expect a piranha to do? I myself would take a risk in try to swim in the opposite direction of where the other fish our until I find my way into the river so I can eat. well life in the inner city is most of the time a big struges for most family’s who do not understand how to think out side of box in use there imagination to come up with an game plan to make it out of poverty. there are a million things in the world that you can become a master at to bring you a better way of life. the almighty lord gave us the best thing ever a mind and five senses them six things can take you to infinite if you follow your most inner thoughts. we all have thoughts and dreams of things we Would like to happen in our life. am I telling a tale or what. look what the Egyptians did I there time they for seen a mountain and visualed making a replica of there own in there own unique way which is one of the most beautiful things that has been built. its still a theory to this day and year of 2018 how in there time they actually. built a pyramid of such heights with out any tools. well I have a theory of my own they believed in there self in dreamed of making a pyramid. DRe ….the power of isolation is deep when a person isolates there self from all the distractions life brings it makes it easier for the mind to evaluate logic thinking and it helps the person see everything for what it is and it helps you think more clear and like logic for an example you know that argument you had with your mother and you know you were wrong? well at the time you didn’t feel like you were wrong but when u go isolate for a hour or two the power of isolation will cause you to say logic things to your self such as ” man Im wrong for disrespecting my mother that way I need to go and apologize and put my pride to the side man ” see that’s the type of person the power of isolation can create a thinking person and not a stubborn person ….

Melvin Shaw Jr.
DOC #624671

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