Matthew Newton

Something Maple May Be: (part sixteen) by Matthew L Newton

“Maxwell. Maxwell!!”

Lessy could see distain on his face even before the sleepy eleven year old opened his eyes to greet her.
“Get up, it’s time to work.”

Rolling over, yellowing sheets rippling around him in tighter knots, the young boy tried desperately to return to his dream,
“Damn it Lessy, I was there!”

“Get up! What do you mean there, where?”

“The lake. I was with him.”

Lessy ran her hands through the mess of red hair that tangled together more and more as each day passed. She really needed to find a brush.
“You couldn’t have been there, because there doesn’t exsist. Besides, if it did exsist,” She kicked the flattened air matress that her brother was clinging to sleep on and continued,
“He’d could not be there. You just want him to be.”

Giving up on her younger brother yet again, Lessy walked out of the room, headed towards what would be their 150th day at Camp Fuckball. At the door she turned to him and whispered,

“Now get up.”

Matthew Newton
DOC #81868


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