Dennis Ray

PSALM 40 by Dennis Ray

I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me , and heard my cry .He brought me up also out of an horrible pit , out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my going’s.And he hath put a new song in my mouth,even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear,and shall trust in the Lord.

This made me think back in time, when I made my first arrival. How I came to this prison unable to read or write. One day, I was sitting in my cell trying to read my Bible. Even though,I had read what it said, for some reason, I could not comprehend, it’s meaning. After reading these words.Some man appeared in front of my cell.He told me :if I came to the yard, he would kill me. So I asked him why? He only repeated what he said the first two time’s. He would kill me if I went to the yard! So I got on my knee’s and prayed to God.That He would not allow this man to kill me. Because I was going to the yard, in the night. Because I was no punk! By the time I got to the yard, I was surrounded by 15 men, who all had knife’s.Never the less, my friend told them they had to give me a, one on one , with their best fighter, or there would be a riot !After they committed to this action, me and their best fighter proceeded to the bathroom. Where we had a knife fight. Primitive as my weapon was , I came out on top . After the fight , I proceeded to the pull up bar, to put my work out in .At the pull up bar, I meet some man, who wanted to know what happened inside the bathroom? I told him nothing happened ! So he would not give up asking, question’s. So he said you are the one who was fighting tonight in the bathroom ? I shook my head, yes . And then he said, and you had a knife ? I said yes, did you see that man’s knife ? He said why ? I said he had a sword, he all most cut my head off. All I had to fight with is this piece of wire. Then he said , didn’t that same man call you out to the center of the yard ? I said yes, he wanted to know if that wire , I stabbed him with was it rusty ? He said what did you tell him ? I told him he was good to go ! So he asked me was that wire rusty, and I said yes , I hope he die. He tried to kill me for no reason . Because I never bumped into him or stepped on his shoe, or disrespected him in any way.I never knew he existed until today. Then this man asked me what was I doing in my cell ? Trying to Read my Bible. He said what you mean trying to read the Bible ? Because I can’t read or write . Then all of a sudden, this man said I perceive God has planted a seed in your heart. And the devil came immediately to remove it . That’s where that man came from. This man told me his name was black . Later on I found out his real name was Melton Smith . Be that as it may he told me to go back to my cell and ask God to give me knowledge, wisdom and understanding. And that he would teach me how to read and write . But I told him , me and God ain’t even cool like that no more. He said what do you mean by that ? I said I told God,before if he got me out of jail , that I would go to church read my Bible and praise Him. God got me out of jail in two week’s and had my robbery charges dropped .When I got out I went to church one time, read my Bible one time and praised God one time. Now that’s why I’M here now ! He said for get about all that mess and go do what I told you ! No one ever said one word about God, so I said to my self this must be God trying to tell me something. So I went and got on my knees and asked God to teach me how to read and write and give me the knowledge of His word . Be that as it may, I was still unable to read the next day, and the next following day.However, my friend Gary Brown had a pamphlet called , The Book of light. Which he had also gotten from Mr. Smith quite by accident. I would have said at that time. Nevertheless, when I saw the name of the book, I knew I had to have it , so I took it by force, because my friend Gary Brown would not let me see it. After taking the book and locking him in his cell. I ran to my cell and pulled out my composition book and wrote ever word down. Then I took the book back, and that joker was so mad at me. But he knew I couldn’t read the book and only wanted it to write down, until I learned how. And I told him that book had some high powered word’s ! And I told him I know black wouldn’t mind me checking out his book, plus black is a holy man in disguise. Everyone in there was afraid of this man , but a chosen few. Be that as it may, the third day I was on my , way to the yard . And I heard A voice in my cell and I looked up, but I saw no man. So I thought this must be some kind of joke, until I saw there was no other man around. I was so scared ! When I realized there was no person attached to this voice ! God or and Angel told me pick the book up , you wrote the word’s in. And I did and the word’s began to move up and down ,and across the paper in the book. And when The word’s stopped moving not only could I read, but I could also comprehend, each and every word, as if there was a dictionary inside my mind. At first I thought I was dreaming. Until I Read ; In the beginning was the word and the word was with GOD ! Then God came across the face of the deep , and it was void and without form. Then God called FORTH the light, and when God saw the light, He said that the light was good, and called the light, Day. That same word that God used to created the light and the world are the same word’s we use right now today. And they have just as much power and validity to create as they did back then . Within the English language, there are certain word’s, which are referred to as vibrational word’s. The English language is composed of three different languages, the English the Greek and the Latin. Within these languages are certain word’s referred to as vibrational word’s which can cause a corresponding reaction betwee

Dennis Ray
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