Tyreis Friend

Odes to S.E.L.F, by Tyreis Friend

Odes to S.E.L.F is a collective piece of four seasonal poetry books that represents the many characters of life. It was written as a daily devotional throughout the year of 2017. So, a lot of events that occurred therein may appear throughout the many pieces in the books. They are touching, inspirational, encouraging and very enlightening. It’s a journey from the perspectives of the mind, the heart and the soul of an individual incarcerated as an adolescent all the way to adulthood. As the author would like it to be known that it’s written by him, but composed by God. “I am only a vessel,” quotes the author. The four books are titled, “Ode Days of Spring,” “Ode Summer Days,” “Autumn Days of Ode” and “Ode Man Winter.” As the influence of time shapes our lives and strongly dictates what we do and when we do it, how we do it can determine the foundation to who we truly are. The “Odes to S.E.L.F” series relates to others through hardships in their various forms and uplifts those who feel hopeless in overcoming them. The short stories that appear throughout the foursome are like appetizers to an entre waiting to be served at an expensive restaurant located in the middle of a poverty stricken neighborhood. You get a dose of what’s really going on in the darkest corners of the world in the most elegant way possible. Adventure and humor serves as a secret ingredient to the recipe of “Odes.” The S.E.L.F is an acronym for Spiritual Enlightenment Living Free as it’s relevance is revealed throughout the piece taking form as the glue that brings it all together. It dares you to dream and step outside of the box into a circle of fulfillment. In addition, if you’re someone who wants to know what odes were composed on the exact date you or a loved was born or any special event that took place, this series can provide it. So, if you are prepared to be prepped to having a broader outlook of life and a solid understanding of this thing we usually take for granted called Love, then “Odes to S.E.L.F” is the perfect remedy for you.

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975


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