Stephen Newman

Culture Of Honor by Stephen Newman

This poster adorns the walls of one of the computer labs at the Robert Janss School here at ICIO (in beautiful Orofino, Idaho):

-is always mindful of the other
-uses courteous and respectful language
-is purposefully and positively communicative
-is dignified in posture and dress
-has gentlemanly manners
-is morally virtuous
-is considerate, helpful, and responsible
-is aware of each person’s inalienable worth
-is graciously thankful
-is brave enough to apologize
-is strong enough to overlook an offense
-anticipates a better future
-is patiently allowing for growth and change
-has few regrets
-builds a safe, supportive atmosphere
-is portable and sustainable
-can be learned and rebuilt
-is healthful and healing
-resists the pressure of enemies
-is sobering
-seeks peace
-is built on the well-being of all of us

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Stephen Newman
DOC #90843


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