Rapheal Mitchell

America the Beautiful by Rapheal Mitchell

Do any of you remember singing this song in school or saying the pledge of allegiance? How can we get back to this America. I watch the news everyday and I make sure to view every network so that I am not to biased. It got me to thinking about America and the state we are in. I came to prison at the age of 19 and was sent to a maximum security prison due to a life sentence. Being there is like being ankle-chained to a brick wall in the dungeon of a dilapidated castle. Even there, I never felt like I was not an American. I watched the 2016 election, and I know people felt like their choice was between getting stoned to death or firing squad, but you made your choice. That is okay. That is what makes America beautiful; we had the opportunity to vote our conscious, ideals, and bias. Despite how you individually feel, Donald Trump is the President of the UNITED states. We are not now separate states.Red or blue. Right or left. This is still the country where impossible has been proven wrong. We went to the moon(we currently have a Corvette in orbit), we have discovered cures for ailments that were death sentences, and we elected our first black President. I said “we” in all of these because none of these endeavors were done by one race, gender, or even sexual orientation. If a person in prison can still believe America is beautiful, how can you not? So, I have a task for America to get back indivisible. Just follow these five steps.
1) Each day say to someone a pleasant greeting(“hello”, “good morning”, “hi”).
2) Hug a person you like or love.
3)Talk to someone you do not know or know well; you may walk away with a friend.
4) Forgive someone who hurt you. This is not easy and not as superficial as saying, “I forgive you.” Even if you do not tell him or her, you are not doing it for that person but for yourself.
5) Embrace your strengths and do not judge others who may not have your abilities or successes.
If you do these things, we can get back to an America is that truly is beautiful. Start today and let me know your progress.
Let’s talk.

Rapheal Mitchell
DOC #434-576

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