Joshua Hairston

The American Flag-(Symbol of Difference) Joshua Hairston

Good morning,afternoon,or evening;thank you so much for your time – (Man’s most precious commodity).I hope you are reading this in the best of health and highest of spirits.Again,thank you.

The American flag, untouchable, flying high above those enriched by all that is personifies. Yielding only to the wind. Its submission, a play of beauty,mellifluous and free. Oh, it in its brilliance reflecting the most sublime of man’s intellect and acuity. Those 13 stripes and 50 stars; Red,White, and Blue are emblematic of the struggle for freedom, the sacrifice of equality, the leadership of democracy, and the courage of diplomacy. Instigating in some patriotism unparalleled, and why should it not? ( Think, why should it not.)
The American flag, unchanging, flying high… over those once enslaved, in the land it governs. A reminder of all that it stands for. Its superiority, a harrowing reality jostling into memory with every pointless slaying of an African on these American grounds. The red blood wasted by the white (European) men who captured and pushed Africans across that blue ocean, into 13 colonies of slavery; their offspring indigenous though outcast in those 50 states of oppression. That flag ignites in some a hatred so pervasive, it marks as cultural.
Different accounts of the same history and a real lack in understanding, for other’s experiences and the perpetual effect of those experiences has imbued with ambiguity the meaning of such a symbol. Causing a nation diverse to exist as a country divided.

Joshua Hairston
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  1. Sadly Joshua many horrendous actions have been performed throughout human history. How can one person enslave another? We are all part of a greater family.
    Ultimately, we have to choose how we will act, or react to what has been.
    To act means we have the power to create a better future history.
    To react gives power to the evil that has been done, and gives opportunity for it to repeat.
    How will you choose?
    Peace be with you


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