Melvin Robertson

Pick It Up! by Melvin Robertson

Is it true that diamonds are a girls best friend? From my understanding diamonds are first located in some of the most remote, dark and grimiest places on earth. Unimaginable places where you’d never think to find something so magnificent. Upon first glance, first touch and first thought you don’t even realize what it is that you possess. A diamond in the rough. However, once you provide the necessary means to wash it off and polish it up it is then you become aware of its radiance and its breathtaking beauty becomes crystal clear. The brilliant light it reflects that stimulates your mind and warms your heart is a testament of the work you provided that produced your desired result. That once cloudy lump of a rock that was unrecognizable has now become a precious part of you. And to think, all because you took the time to pick it up and wash it off. There are many things in life symbolic to that of a diamonds creation. Especially people. A living breathing diamond in the rough….

…So, is it true that diamonds are a girls best friend? It’s only one way to find out. Pick It Up!

Melvin Robertson
DOC #582196

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