Maurice Watkins

Personal introduction by Maurice Watkins

My name is Maurice many family & close friends call me Reese for short. I am 35 years old, I have four beuatiful children and one more that I claim as my own and treat the same as my own. I’ve been incarcerated since June 2016 and my expected out date is 2046, although I am in the middle of an appeal process to go back to court to get a sentence reduction. I am African amecrian decent, I keep my hair cut short and neat, I’m very athletic, I have an associates degree in international business management, I love to be out doors doing activities, an I can hold a intelligent conversation about just about anything that comes up; over all I am a very well rounded person. Befor getting incarcerated I was very involved with my children, they are my whole world. I believe nothing in life is a coincidence it happens on purpose, you just have to see what lesson is to be learned for each situation.I have a job where I’m incarcerated I make all the license plates for Ohio. Getting up each day and going to work helps me to stay focused, and I feel and gives me a since of importance. Before incarcerated the work I was into was concrete construction I was a finisher, I can do basements, patios, driveways and decorative concrete. I also worked at a car dealership selling cars, and I did a lot of handy work on homes. For the most part I’m very laid back, I love to read and go to the law library to study, and I take very good care of my body by working out at least 4 times a week.If you would like to know more please let me know, an have a nice productive.

Maurice Watkins
DOC #737-382

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