Tommie Forster


Peace and blessings to my universal family. It is indeed a pleasure to be able to reconnect with my long lost and distant community. My name is Tommie Forster and it is truly a blessing to have this opportunity to exchange thoughts and converse with you.
Well to get the ball rolling, I’m a 32 year old black male, will be 33 November 20th, and as of currently (4/14/18), I have been incarcerated for the past ten years of my life. Unforunately, at the age of twenty two years old, I chose to make a very poor decision to take a life. Though that is my dark past, during a vey bright present and even brighter future, I have learned a lot during my duration here. The most important of all is that I’ve learned to value my life as a whole including the people within it. Most importantly, I’ve learned to love myself because how can I truly love those whom I say I do, if I never love me for who and what I am. With this new discovery of self love, I can say honestly say that im a refined man of a righteous state of mind.
As of currently, I have approximately 30 years left to serve in the Virginia D.O.C. Though the time seems far fetched, I know that I’m a warrior meaning that I’m continuously fighting on a daily basis to regain my freedom the right way. As of mean to do such, I’m currently invested full fledge in my community inside and outside of these walls. Im known for advocating upliftment and productivity within this prison setting. Too am I invested in my education of which I’m currently a student at Blackstone Career Institute taking a Paralegal Studies Course to become a certified paralegal. I believe that education is paramount, so I choose to spend my time educating myself for a successful return. Not only will this raise my awareness of how to aid my situation, but it too will create doors of opportunity to work as a paralegal upon my release.
To date, I have no children, no wife or significant other at this time. However, I do have six very beautiful and important ladies in my life – my grandmother, mother, two sisters (older and younger) and two nieces. They are my Queen. All in all, I seek to be me at all times, and to share all of me with others who are merciful enough to see the same qualities in me that I am able to see in myself. I’m open for dialogue for anyone who have any questions for me, seeking friendship, or simply interested in further learning the wonderful mind that’s behind these words. In the meantime, I can be contacted at:
Tommie Forster #1403251
Nottoway Corr Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, Va 23922

Also, you can contact me through email at state id #1403251. You choose whichever is more convienent. Again, Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Take Care.
I leave as I came in peace and blessings.

Tommie Forster
DOC #1403251


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  1. Dear Tommie, I applaud your positive attitude, and your efforts to improve the world around you.
    Each of us are as pebbles, and life is as a calm pond.When you drop a pebble in, ripples flow out from the impact.
    You will never know how you will impact those around you, but remember, a part of you will be shared by them with others and so on.
    You may be in a prison of brick and morter, but your mind is free to become something wonderful.May you find joy and happiness as you serve your fellow man.
    Peace be with you.


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