Kareem Shabazz

Introducing Kareem Shabazz

My name is Kareem Ali Shabazz, better known and named after the greatest boxer of all time Muhammad Ali!! Kareem Abdul Jabbar NBA’s all time leading scorer. By a lot! His superpower; The skyhook! A seven -foot two guy reaching up 11 feet and dropping the ball in the hoop from anywhere.The tribe of Shabazz’ s.. The Great Anointed Ones. Three hundred & sixty degrees of knowledge, wisdom & understanding. Taught that knowlege & higher elevation of knowlege, you wont have to shout it!
Because wisdom ways and action will shout it for you. So may i to start this introduction with a thankyou for this opportunity to be heard.. (my own voice! ) I been down 9 years For arm robbery and folonious assult. Co-d snitched me out before a jury. They gave me eighty years for 3 arm robberies. He went home scott free eighteen months time serve for the same three robberies to snitch me out of the community. My out date 2095. I Just turned forty Years young,
January 13th Capricorn heaven! Yay Yay! I feel real good about myself,
and self-esteem. Comfortable in my own skin. Love to workout! I Nourish myself daily with mental, and spirtual food, a strong and faithful
vegetarian. Love to inspire others and be inspired by others. And In my spare time i love to read, write, and play sports. Aw.. a lovely chess player! Lol. All Praise due to Allah! Words to the wise.. Keep your eyes on the prize and not on the process.. To many fokes are out there in the dark. It’s time to be enlighten. Think and Grow Rich, you dont have to stay broken forever. Suzie again, thank you for this opportunity. I love what you’re doing, you seem like a young lady who is mature, and compassionate and dedicated. We do not work alone for change. The power of life works with us.

Kareem A. Shabazz
DOC #590-579


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