Tyreis Friend

CONVICTION by Tyreis Friend

Conviction. We need conviction. And I am a convict. Seen as just some THING that no one wants around them. How then can each one teach one if the reach comes to be out of touch? There are ways, but our ways have seem to build walls as if we’re all team Trump. Who signed off on these mindless blind thoughts that cost a great deal to the seal of togetherness? Who gave the okay to posthaste our attempts at connecting the elements that fuses one another? Instead, we become LED to the acts of feuding with one another. Not realizing how unhealthy to the soul it is. Though the things that we can do for one another takes place on the road within. How many do we really BELIEVE take lead into this directions dimension? And if any, I am willing to bet my last penny that those beings have the means to be blessed with CONVICTION. I am a convict. Sentenced for a crime of commitment. To a lifetime, full of CONVICTION.
The gist of that poem was to help connect the similarities in the two meanings of conviction. From a spiritual standpoint it can be a positive thing but from a political view it can have a negative effect. If you commit a crime you will be convicted, but you can have conviction when committed to the truth. What is the truth you may ask. The truth is something that hasn’t changed, can’t change and won’t change. Ever! And in order to KNOW the truth, you have to have conviction. Just believing it is not enough. When I first looked up the word believe it read: hold as an opinion. An opinion, really? What wowed me even more was what my attorney said when he was asked if he explained everything to me. He stated, ” I believe so…” I wondered to myself if the stenographer contemplated on putting a question mark at the end of his statement before she put the 3 periods there. Because it surely sounded as if he was unsure when he said it. If he was certain he probably would’ve responded, ” Yes of course your honor.” But no one said anything about his wavering response. Not even the uneducated, in law, teenage me. I was too worried about making things worst if I said anything. However, that actually proved to be the exact opposite. They didn’t want to know where the weapon came from or why I did it. They just wanted a conviction. The trial is only there to find out the truth. Just as the trials that we go through in life. And once you’re convicted you have all the evidence you need to understand this truth. The trials aren’t seen as trials anymore. They’re purposed. But what happens when there’s a conflict of interest and you cant get a conviction ’cause the evidence is lost and witnesses testimonies aren’t too convincing? You’re left with a heap of opinions, slashtag belief systems.

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975


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