April Watson

“Without a Spiritual Leader” (Part 3) by: April Watson

Little do they know how hard I work to keep our coven together and running. I, their Inmate Spiritual Leader, use my knowldge, my cunning, my strength, my life force to make sure that I am fullfilling my role as an inmate chaplin. Everyday I ight against the system, the CDCR chaplin assigned over us and the blatent disrgard for our right to practice our faith “the craft” as everyone else is afforded. I have fought tooth and nail to get outdoor grounds or us to worship at; a sacred space. They have given us a plot of dirt and junk and called it an “All Faiths Ground”. Our sabbats & espots are so hard to pu together because the prison, CIW, fights us at every step of the way. We can’t even get the proper food for our feasts. Even just to get a ducat/pass to be able to attend services is difficult. As of now, I am only on person with the burden of he community on my shoulders and it is getting heavy. We need outside support from our fellow pagans. Our pagan community here at CIW is unrepresented and vulnerable to the powers that hold us here. So again, without an outside Spiritual Leader/sponsor we will not be able to grow an flourish as the Goddess intended or us all. With that I and signing off. Blessings and Light.

April Watson
DOC #W94003

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  1. Divinely Dancing

    Always she danced in the courtyard surrounding
    expecting the Master and dressed as HIS queen,
    So this woman of faith swirled with joy in HIS presence;
    enraptured completely past Thought – beyond dream.

    None other could – more – have inspired this servant…
    who watched through the words of another – descriptive.
    of love which was witnessed as CHRIST full indwelt her;
    romancing her soul with HIS SPIRIT’s soft whisper.

    In tears, so I listened…uplifted
    to Heaven;
    thus longing within to be touched
    past extreme;
    as this child – devoted – whose worship propelled her;
    HIS passionate bride – who now danced with the KING!

    With tears streaming, she felt Glory’s crown set upon her
    as the LORD kissed her forehead with Perfect’s embrace;
    whilst removing each demon which satan commissioned…
    without leaving her hand or withdrawing HIS face.

    O’erwhelmed by this vision thus spoken so clearly,
    I rushed to the SAVIOUR’s outstretched, open hands;
    to hold HIM who held her with wondrous affection
    and witness – in person – Heaven’s LORD…of the dance.

    By Whitney V.W. Jasnoch

    May you dance with HIM today!

    Amen and amen!


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