Who am I (trial 1), by Tyreis Friend

I may come off a bit selfish sometimes. A little arrogant with my air and sense. Head held high. Walking ’round here like my ish don’t stank. And even though I won’t mind, don’t thank me, thank God. He made me everything I am. A boastful bold fool. Self-centered and always surrounded by my self’s image. It ain’t about nothing if it ain’t about me, myself and I. It’s all that my mouth speaks and all that my mind thinks. I guess I’m just a faultless flawless narcissist. Attention, I seek all of it just to be mentioned in many conversations. The top topic of discussion. The main subject. The ultimate title chaser. The pervasive persuader crusading to a location I tend to name after myself. Long live the King; the Emperor; your Majesty. The songs made to sing worthy of praise. Per second; per minute; per hour; per day. The definite detonation of dedication. The One that some represent when they recommend some form of representation. I am the pat on the back of a hero that he know and she know. For we know that I am the …
Can you guess who I am based on the descriptive poem? (Hint: It completes the rhyme scheme in the last line)

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975


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