Jeron Moore

(Reasons why by. Jeron Moore.)

Living where I live, if I make a mistake, Im locked or I may die, so here’s my reasons why./ The reason why I think and talk so deep, the reason why I think of you before I sleep!/ The reason why I make you my habit and repetition so no other woman can slip in…/ The reason why I won’t pull out while I’m deep within; because if I make another mistake I may not ever have that chance again!/ I bossed myself up so I learned from the past, visualising how you use to pout when you were mad./The reasons why I would line the whole prison up just to have one more night with yo ass./ So many, so many reasons why, I don’t want to be only a memory and stuck in your past…

Jeron Moore
DOC #584-340

Categories: Jeron Moore

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