Gerald Bates

“Political Reform” by Gerald Bates

When are the Governor’s in this country going to realize that they can’t just appoint friends and political supporters to run agencies with out any oversight? Take parole boards for example. Here, in the Commonwealth we’ve seen how bad the lack of oversight can be! Just compare the difference between the past boards to the new improved board we have today. The last panel ran the board like they were considering the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for release. I know a guy, life sentence for robbery, no one injured, been locked up 35 years, exemplar prison record. The past parole panels denied him over 21 times. The average time served in America for robbery no victim injurey, is about 7 years according to U.S. Sentencing Commission. What’s so difficult about paroling people like him? I just had a similar situation. I abetted in a burglary no one injured. I received life without parole. See, prior post “Life over a Bounced Check”. I filed for Clemency, seeking to have my sentence commuted to a term of 40 years. After holding the petition for over 6 years the clemency board denied the petition without stating any rationale for doing so. The parole board recommended it be denied. They did so after a purported investigation, whereby not even my home plan was verified. How crazy is that? Do you think the Governor knows that they just recommended I be denied, without even checking to see if I had a place to live? Hard to believe. It’s like the Governor’s just appoint these people and trust that they’ll do the right thing. Wake up people, they rarely do! They all to often allow their personal feelings and agendas get in the way. It’s still the voting tax payers responsibility to ensure that our elected officials do what they promise. Accountability is needed. When our Politicians just pay us lip service there’s a remedy, the ballot!!!!! Let’s hold the politicians accountable. Get Out and vote!!!!!!!!!

Gerald Bates
DOC #1425997


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  1. I’m not from the US, and sometimes I’m totally shocked at the length of sentences in the US! I don’t mean that as a criticism of the US in general (I used to live there and I LOVE the US) It’s just so different from what I’m used to, and it’s so harsh to give life for a robbery.


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