Michael Thompson

Look in the mirror, who are you? by Michael Thompson

If you defined you self by the people around you, or how many girls you have, or who got the best wear, or who has the most fame and power, that is not what defines you turely. You are more valuable then that, all of that. You are who you are on the inside, what qualities run through your blood. When truth is poured into you, you became the truth.
If you pour in to you lies, weakness, and contradictions you will become that changes up on all that is true and real. truth endures, falsehood vanishes. The real never changes only the fake. are you real? the real is truthful with their self then its manifestation is through actions more so then words.
Were is your love, loyalty, honour, honesty, modesty, compassion, respect, forgiveness, mercy, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, strength, power, firmness, trueness, dignity, courage and other moral principal’s. Who you are shows in you’re lifestyle and company you keep. “As a man thinks, so is he”. You’re mindset that you have as you experience life creates you’re nature and expresses its self by action.
If we hold on to lower level thoughts and morals we make are fate disaster. “All actions are but by intention and every man shell have what he has intended”. law of attraction is a universal law, through out history it shows us “(like attracts like)” .
To attract disaster, hate, envy, rage, stinginess, cowardice, aggression, injustice, indignity, cruelty, greed, lust, EGO, selfishness, disloyalty, dishonesty, dishonour, false hopes, fear of death, fear of loss, fear of rejection, “FEAR OF TRUTH”, bring nothing in your life but deceit “self-deceit” and “disunity”.
“STOP” deceiving yourself, “STOP FAKING WITH YOURSELF” so you can live right. Recognize that you are losing, then ask yourself why you keep losing. What are your weaknesses? What triggers them? How do I remove them? What should I cultivate in me? And does it work? “All virtues saves from disaster, and after vices comes destruction”.
Meek Milz said: “It levels to this shit, learn life” you can’t expect to be successful if you love being savage and uncivilized or heartless. “BEAUTY ATTRACTS” no disrespect even the Ugly loves BEAUTY. name one ugly person who would not love to have someone beautiful. The moral of this message is you are what your nature is inwardly. Look at a cup (i.e. you) if it is filled with pure water it is good to drink but if filled with muddy water it is no good to drink. When conditions is created (i.e. the cup is poured over-a test to see what is in you) What will the outcome be?

Peace, Struggle, and Unity
P.S. write if will

Michael Thompson
DOC #A612994

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