Tyreis Friend

Last Of A Dying Dream by Tyreis Friend

Last night I had a dream. Of a man that everyone called King. A man who sacrificed his rule, his pride and his views to provide “the children of tomorrow” a better tomorrow. Simply by facing the complications that penetrate the entire nation with a method that exudes the exact opposite of hatred. Nonviolence! Nonviolence! Those words are like swords to a war of loud threats and wild silence. With an aim to silence the reasons for the war between the needless and the poor. Which made no cents for us but to them it made more. WAR(smh). Something needed to change. Then all of a sudden, out came the King emerging from the smoke with a PITCH that would STRIKE up and CURVE the way we vote. Then I woke. To the President(Obama) still in a state of addressing it. Taking heed to all the messages displayed where his complexion was. Symbolizing equality for all mankind. All black Christians. All yellow Buddhist. All Spanish Catholics. All Arab Sunnis. All colors. Yes, all others. Check . Even the red, white and bluish. Wow! If the King could see me now, we’d probably get into it. ‘Cause the actions that lead me to prison spoke a language of anguish and unconsciously made a mockery of all the sacrifices he made then. DAMN! I was part of the problem. But now, my solution is to recruit men and aim for the bottom. From which I came. And build an Asylum for the generations to come. A place where we can teach them about leadership and how to never leave a ship even when it’s sinking. Because somehow us folks, will find a way to stay afloat. Now that’s an ability that we posses, but must know.
This piece is dedicated to the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Also known to me, as the Art of Future Dreams through us.

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975

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