Terrell Yarbrough

*gon but not forgotten* by Terrell Yarbrough

all typed nationality isn’t the problem loyalty is. Well first and foremost my appreciation goes out to Suzie Jennings for making this possible for the guidance, friendship, aand support as well as the patience. I first must say it is a opporunity in front of you and I so please read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted, but to weigh and consider I believe sometimes restarting over is what people need to breathe again. With life experience i’ll love to say your first impression is your ticket to either prosperity or faliure and i’ve over come to believe that a faliure is never a faliure unless you fail to try, and with those words said please allow me to introduce myself my name is Terrell Yarbrough i’m really from Pittsburgh,PA those that know me as you can see i’m still standing tall after all these years still solid like the ground we walk on. And for those who wish to come into my life expect to be encouraged its true that circumstances beyond our control can sometimes make it difficult for us to be all that we can be but we need to start looking at these things as challenges and opportunities for success rather than as excuses for failure. What i’m saying is i will never give regardless of the odds or circumstances i’m 37 years old i’m in search of a cmpanion that’s loyal, honest,and deddicated. Age or nationality isn’t the problem only loyalty is. If you wish to reach out to me go to jpay.com and type in my name and info Terell Yarbrough A369-299 its all free only that may cost is stamps well thank you for taking the time to read my trues thoughts respestfully.

Terell Yarbrough
DOC #A369-299


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