Tyreis Friend

Every Body Talking, by Tyreis Friend

Every body talking. And I understand every gesture. I can relate to a frown on the face for I’ve been down before. I’ve been clowned before. But now, No More! I’ve learned how to converse with the worst to the best of my ability. By paying close attention to the itches that inches within your reach. And when you react, it reminds me that every body speaks. The proverbial messages a gesture sends cannot go unnoticed. It’s a language that cries out when the mouth can’t find the right words to be spoken. The flip of the hair can declare an interest in the listener. Where a scratch on the scalp may display boredom or dissension. So, for every anatomy mention there’s a story casually written. Though rarely comprehended by the deaf observers. And thanks to the distraction of sound, those vibes that normally arise somehow subside. Making it difficult to register what’s really being said. ‘Cause I’m withholding charm when folding arms, but for a more welcoming I’d rather open them instead.

Communication is one of the most important things in the world. Though I believe we’ve become naive to the numerous lines of it. We’ve all witnessed the power that exudes from a smile across the room or the irritable vibe from someone angered inside. It’s just that we become ignorant in responding to either. I’ve noticed that some people can’t really take a joke as well as someone trying to fight fire with fire when negativity arise. Receiving information the wrong way is one thing, but imagine how many of us send the wrong message. The only solution to signals being crossed is SELF awareness. Paying very close attention to yourself. It’s the perfect way to understanding others. We all have the same tendencies. It’s just that some of us are more in tuned with some of them more than others, whether it be good or bad. When we have a broader understanding of why we do the things we do, we respond to one another differently. Especially when considering the line of communication that may have been introduced or the lack thereof. Which reminds me of how ignorant we are to the many ways God speaks to us and through us. In order to be a good listener you must have compassion, patience, an open mind and heart. And it takes Love to have that. Though you have to be Aware to even notice its existence in you. And that my friends is yet another line of communication. What do you think prayer is?

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975


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