Mwaniki Johnson

Dedication by Mwaniki Johnson

Fabricating intelligence is manifested in open areas of concrete feed spaces with traces of discouragement, which is meant to either inspire or morph the ignorant into faceless droned like obstacles, for those that see dementions of wicked inspirations are self feed useless individuals, Killing hope with thoughts of legal medicated dope, to take the uni-verse held an encased in calcium liquid feed power that rule centuries of thought processes’,which left archeologists clueless to modern hieroglyphic gang literature,left on walls with iron bars separating babies with tired torn young ladies, whom need to feed from kings that posses college class curriculum at ages of adolescence with born blessings that Jesus gave Mary. Dedication to capture these people by the thousands houndin our surroundings with options of deterring those whom set trends for clothes, they never seen Gucci versace or Louie but kill mame and defame for those names DEDICATION….

Mwaniki Johnson
DOC #A449541

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