Dontay Horton

((Attitude of Gratitude)) By Dontay Horton

While incracerated, the circumstances weren’t good, so i wanted to make things better. I knew that i couldn’t do it myself. ((Mark 10:21)) with man, this is impossible,but not with God: All things are possible with God. So every day i would wake up, i would mention to God how thankful i am for the numerous things in my life.As i remained in this state of mind, slowly but surely i noticed God’s will being revealed often in my life. No matter the hardship, temptation, or trials and tribulations that arrive, managing a thankful mentality will help you obtain Christ’s will.I have discovered that when you acknowledge God with appreciation that he will cover you in his blessings.So i encourage you to develop a
and anticipate God’s will being done in your life like he has done in mine.

Dontay Horton
DOC #623-375

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  1. Thank you Dontay for your fine and enlightening post. I love the turn of phrase “attitude of gratitude”. Yes we can and should live in a perpetual state of grace and attitude of gratitude. As Christ said/revealed to the apostle Paul “…My grace is sufficient.” This when Paul asked our Lord to relieve some of his suffering. So, if we are left with nothing, if the world turns against us, yes, even our own mother, Christ’s grace is sufficient. Though we are the poorest of poor, we are wealthy beyond the wildest dreams because we have Christ’s grace.
    May you live in His grace always and remain obedient to His gospel.
    God Bless,


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