Deitrekk D. Boone

Spoken Word by: Deitrekk D. Boone

“Never had”
Never had a bentley, Never had a mansion,Got so many question but I still ain’t got a answer,
So many days I put in for this,
I wonder at times if I should cherish my miss,
Never had a 100k, or even came close, but yet to win is something I want the most,
Young and simple minded but don’t even know,
Don’t even know most times where to go,
Never had a jet or a yacht
Watching TMZ,reading magazines,and keeping up with the Kardashians I see that a lot,
but also on my block I never had a pops, never heard that voice to tell me,
Stop or when not,
Never had that additude or determination to finish school,or even take the time to learn something new.
Me knowing what I Never had make me proud,
Proud to say without all that I still turned out to be where I am today,
a day I can say,
Never had is now the past,
And from then to now,
Something I always had was, Opportunity.
opportunities that make me proud today and,
able to talk about what I Never had.
“Never had”

Coming soon on here! Title:”Walk In My Shoes” A full story based on true events how a young man get caught up in a big time case that he never had nothing to do with.Everything happens so fast he had to decide to stay on the most wanted list and duck the law just to clear his name up, but through the big changes in his life and having to be aware at all times he meet some people that’s the lowest of the lowest and high of highs.Ending up places he never been and going through the most wildest and weirdest obstacles life will ever bring you,forcing him to hit rock bottom being homeless.He now know It’s not gone be easy to get his original plan done but with his life on the line he don’t have no other choice,but to be ambitious and determined to succeed.(will be posted by one chapter at a time)

Deitrekk D. Boone
DOC #706720

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