George Gonzales II

Redemption – by George Gonzales, II (G_Allen2)


I’m that life – The life that you have spilled.
Water flowing, flowing on the ground.

I am the Hope – The Hope that you have killed.
Spirit dying, dying; loathing all around.

Smiles: all dwindling in the dark.
Joy fading, fading; craze, into frown.

Breath rattles; ranging from gasping lungs.
Labored panting, panting; you let them drown.

I am that dream, the one you’ve crushed!
Tendril whisps; smoke, now all that’s found

Set me free! Guide me to fly!
Searching, searching for minds unbound.

Tender seeds – Let thoughts take root.
No more stomping, stomping on fertile ground.

Friendly word – Fuel dreams; catch fire!
Spirits lifting, lifting; joy all around!

Contagion: smiles ring, enmasse on faces!
Shining, shining; no longer vulgar frown.

Breath of life – Lungs full of air.
Hope’s Alive! No more held down.

Yes, I’m that dream, which you gave wings!
Soaring, soaring into distant clouds!

George Gonzales, II
DOC #A556872


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