poems, by Terrell Yarbrough

“things I been going through”
my body gets older as my heart gets colder, but that’s the price I pay to live the life of a soldier,
the life of a soldier where things never last, were the ones you love the most become a thing of your past.
and your past
God’s love for me
look I hope god don’t see my life in a flash,
I hope he slows it down a bit and see I was young acting fast.
I hope he sees I’ve done good things as well as bad,
and as many tears I’ve made other’s shed I’ve also had.
I hope he sees I was forced to grow up quick,
and I apologize that my actions weren’t always legit.
I was raised right with good morals and taught to be a man,
but god I hope you still love me homie I’m doing the best I can lord I don’t know what happened to me.
and I’m sorry for the pain I’ve cause on earth,
sometimes I often question why you didn’t just take me at birth.
lord by a small chance I hope you see…
this is your lost child crying from the penitentiary,
I hope you hear me

Terrell Yarbrough
DOC #a396-299


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