Deshanon Haywood

“Introduction Blog” By Deshanon Haywood (a.k.a. Doug)

I’ve been in incarcerated for 5 years. I spent 28 months in the county jail fighting my case which I had to go through 3 death penalty trials that resulted in a conviction that sentenced me to 35 years in prison before I’m eligible for parole. It was a bunch of crooked actions tooken to secure my conviction but that’s a story for another day, I’m working on appeals for jeopardy and other violations. I’m 26 years old raised in Akron. Its hard to describe myself without knowing my audience so I hope I receive questions or advice to know which way to construct these blogs. I never did one of these and I’m not sure exactly how, but I believe it would be selfish of me not to share my experience and lessons learned. my contact info is at the bottom for conversation, questions, and advice. I’m here out of curiosity but If I can connect and make a difference with at least one person while here I would be satisfied.

Deshanon Haywood #672590
P.O. box 56
Lebanon, Oh 45036

Or go to and look for Deshanon Haywood #672590

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  1. Keep your head up dougie. It took me a min to find you. Idk if u get to read these or not but if u do I’m gonna write u a letter so we can talk. I miss ya and I hope ur doin ok.


  2. An approach: Be honest. You are already connected and you will serve whatever time that the courts have deemed.

    Honesty will set you free and you will help others despite the difficulties you face.


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