forgiveness and prayer by Marcellus T. Henry

see we as people must learn how to forgive I know it’s not easy and some of us don’t want to do it. see me I have been through a lot and have done something’s that I needed forgiveness for do I think the people I did wrong to forgave me? yes and no but while I set in this cell i believe that this is my punishment I don’t like it but I know god pit me here for a reason and I know this now. we all go through something if it’s homelessness, a bad marriage, being locked up or what every it is you can overcome it look at me I went from homelessness with my mother getting kicked out of schools to working a job to running the streets and being a bad boy to being locked down to being a batter person now I know that god pit me here to open my eyes and it really did and I thank him for that cause I really needed it. so I just want you to know whatever you are going through just know that you can overcome it all you need is a little prayer. and I’m thankful for the ones that pray for me night and day.

Marcellus T. Henry
DOC #606-018

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  1. I don’t know about “The old person will disappear”, or Romans 8:28, as that chapter explains that there are those who are ‘called’ and those who are ‘ordained’. None of which I think pertains to you being locked up, or having to commit crimes to find Jesus and God.

    But what I do know is that our behaviors, right or wrong, are testaments as to how others perceive and react to our doings.
    So here’s the deal. You have time on your hands. Use it the way He would want you to. Learn how to read and write proficiently.
    You can only influence others as to your inadequacies regarding grammar by saying ‘set’ instead of ‘sit’; ‘pit’ instead of ‘put’.
    These are simple errors which can be overcome through practice. But it’s on you to do it. I hope that when I read your future posts, these errors will have been corrected, and that you will be well on your way to becoming the strength behind God’s words and will.
    Don’t get upset, get a tutor. And as always, God Bless you and keep you.

    P.S. It is only for God to judge and to forgive you your trespasses. And Jesus speaks for the Father, so after praying to God for your forgiveness, close with, “I ask these things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen”. Let others deal with God’s judgement upon them when I comes to whether or not they were Christian enough to forgive you.
    Love and Peace.


  2. Marcellus, through Christ, you can become a new person. The old person will disappear and with him all the bad things that he has done and a new person–yes a newborn baby in Christ will replace the old person. That is the power of Jesus Christ. Some of his 12 apostles, the one’s that followed him around while he was on the earth did some very bad things, and yet he chose them to be leaders of Christians. That can be you, Marcellus. Think of all the good you can do and the people you can help that will relate to your story–like you have already helped me. Thank you for that. God bless you, Marcellus.


  3. Everything happens for a reason. We ALL do bad things…but in God’s hands after asking forgiveness HE can and WILL bring something good from it & we can be a better person or a bitter person. Believe it! Romans 8:28!!


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