James DeWitt

Although You Don’t Know (by James Dewitt)

Lurking behind the many decisions in life are the unseen and unknown impacts that our lives have on others. Feel these words from one who lost it all. Why should it take losing anything to see the value in everything? Better even, what has to happen in order for one to willingly seek the removal of the scales from their eyes so that a clear picture of their impact and importantance to others can be seen? Of course that requires acknowledging the presence of such scales. Scales cover your ability to see beyond what’s happening right now. They cause you to focus and place significant value only on what’s appearing in view. Reacting to such limited viewings can cause you a lifetime of lost and regrets. Wisdom teaches that great value can be found in the unseen things. It’s not always looked upon, but the love of your family and friends is arguably the greatest gift the human experience can render you. Yet it’s one of the easiest things to overlook when encompassed by the toils of daily living. From the mind of someone who has to wake up each day and face being seperated from my gift, it’s a feeling that I would want to spare anyone from having to experience. Worst than that feeling is the powerful pull of guilt when you finally realize that the people who loved you the most needed you the most and you took there need of you for granted. You set back and see the scars of their struggles that your presence would bring resolve or assistance to. Your absence affects them negatively because it constantly reminds them of how you place greater value in the things responsible for your separation than you placed in them.
The truth and nothing but the truth is this: Your wisdom and perceptions grow as more experiences are applied to them. Oddly you go back and retrace the steps of your journey, looking upon the very things that you wasn’t seeing in order to gain a broader perspective of what was actually happening while you propelled forward. Each of us have
pivotal events that occur in our lives to make us reexamine our priorities. Still it takes effort from within to be optimistic enough to accept that you didn’t pay enough attention to important values which screamed at you each day in hopes that you would acknowledge them. Don’t be one to learn only from having to lose it all first. Many will learn this way, but none has to. Learn from the voices of those having made the mistakes. Learn of the value that you have in the lives of others. Learn of the powerful impact that you have and learn how to make it sacred. Teach your brain to look upon those overlooked values before making decisions that threaten your active connection with the people you love and care for. Refuse to occupy the position of not knowing. Make understanding your value, your importance and your impact a requirement for yourself. How much of it you get out of yourself is directly determined by how much of it you put in yourself. Fill your mind with this knowledge. It’s a direct reflection of how much you invest in you.

James Dewitt
DOC #1007872

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