“Love is an action” by Orie Anderson

if you have ever been in a situation where some one told you that you didn’t love them. when you knew in your heart you truly did. that’s because most people forget that love is an action. not just a feeling or emotion, but an action! you have to be mindful at all times to let your love show thru your actions. people will forget what you say, but no one will ever forget the way you made them feel! people may hear your words but they listen to your actions. actions speak volume in life in general. and love is no different. you have to let your love be evident in what you do. not just what you say. I once dated a woman who would tell me that she loved me more than anything in the world. but would always put me last on her priority list. I believe that in her mind she thought she loved me more than anything in the world. “bcuz most people believe the lies they tell others”. but her actions were always the complete opposite of her words. so what she showed me spoke louder than what she told me. I’ve learned a lot from that relationship. it taught me to show my love thru my everyday actions instead of simply voicing my love and assuming that is enough. I want my actions to always display my true feelings. in short if you truly love somebody show them your love don’t just tell them. bcuz simply telling them is not enough. people will always remember what you do over what you say every time!!!

Orie Anderson
DOC #a560232


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