Marcellus Henry

Let’s Play A Game by Marcellus T. Henry

I would like to share this poem that a dear friend of mine sent to me.
Let me tell you bout a game I play; where I close my eyes and fade away… I float away to a special place; beyond the stars, moon and space… In this special place you see; there’s only two people just you and me… In this place all is right; nothing but love and we never fight… In this place there’s no sadness; no cells, no courts, none of that madness… No rules to follow, no laws to break; no bars to hold us or separate… None to tell us we can’t kiss or touch; I don’t just tell you I love you, I show you how much I do… Eventually the game must end; my eyes must open and reality set’s in… Someday soon, not sure when; I’ll close my eyes and play again….

Marcellus T. Henry
DOC #606-018

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