Taran Helms


Hello Suzie
First off, thank you for contacting me because what your doing I feel is definetly helpful towards the true rehabilitation of those trying to actually rehabilitate in here. But as you know my name is Taran Helms, I am 32 years of age. I’ve been incarserated since March of 2008, and I’m currently fighting to give back more of this 50 years they gave me for an attempted murder. I am very intellectual, I write books, poetry, draw, I’m the jock of all trades for real. My biggest inspiration is my daughters TT, and Melia, and my late mother whom passed away April 20th 2016. A big part of me died when she died unexpectedly, because she was my everything before I had anything. But my kids are still here so for them and the family members I still have left, blood and those bound by loyalty and the struggle are what I still fight and strive for. This place will rob you of your genuiness, and good heart if you have one. Being surrounded by vultures and those who feed on any sign of weakness tends to have an affect on you. Lol So even with my enviorment being what it is I choose to be more than it, because my enviorment, mistakes, or circumstances don’t define me. I’m a King and I have folks counting on me to do what’s necessary to not be locked up, when its time for me to walk thru these gates. Because even though my physical being is incarserated, I am free on the inside! I have my bad days where I can fall victim to myself and the pain not dealt with. But I will utilize the books I write, and hopefully this blog to help me thru those days. I am limited in the facility that I am in getting on jpay, but I can get them everyday except on the weekends. Hopefully thru this blog and my poetry etc… I can help someone else who may understand, or going thru something & vice versa. Stay Blessed (R.I.P. Kimberly Helms my momma) I leave as I came…..T-Ray bka

Taran Helms
DOC #553971

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  1. I love you papi, and you will be soon home with us and ur family. Keep your head you know I am here for you.. And remember people see what they want to see, I know you are a good person inside and out. With a second chance you will show them how productive you are and especially with your books. Ilove you Always


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