Damion Smith

Introducing Damion Smith

First I want to thank all who stop and take the time to read about My thoughts, opinions, a little bit of who I am, and My journeys through life.
My Name is Damion Smith born Halloween Night in the year 1990. Twenty seven years later I’m still here. For the moment I’m doing time in Lebanon correctional Institution. I been doing time since August, 4th 2011. My release date is set to be August, 4th 2029. I can be contacted at:
P.O. Box 56
Lebanon, OH 45036

I was born and raised in Lincoln Heights, OH. Everybody call it Zone 15 or Da Zone. Damn near everybody call Me Dame. I grew up in the Hood and was raised in the struggle. Giving where I’m from and how I was raised, most people would Immediately imagine all the stories and stereotypes, and think they know what’s up. But like Me and You, we all have a different and unique walk through Life. Me personally, everyday look at Life and try to break down and simplify situations and events we go through daily, so that I could live better and try to have a better view and understanding in Life. Unfortunately it was a time in Life where I was at the bottom and when You at the bottom, Your everyday thoughts, actions, and goal is to get to the top.
To know more of My thoughts and how I see Life, You can reach out to Me or just check the bloggs.

Damion Smith
DOC #A665686

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